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Thread: Official Patch: Version 9.530

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    Official Patch: Version 9.530

    This file is a free upgrade for owners of Football Mogul 2012. If you haven't already downloaded Football Mogul 2012, you can do so here.

    Note that Football Mogul 2012 is FREE, if you "like" us on Facebook, or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

    To install this upgrade:

    1. Download the attached file.

    2. Copy it to your Football Mogul 2012 folder. By default, this will be C:\Sports Mogul\Football Mogul 2012.

    If you installed Football Mogul 2012 to a folder other than the default folder, you will need to do the same with this patch.

    (You can also select 'Open Game Folder' from inside Football Mogul, to open the folder that contains FB2K12.exe).

    3. Run Football Mogul 2012.

    Changes since 9.510 include:

    1. Bug fixed that caused the game to not run on some AMD processors.
    2. Bug fixed that could cause a crash at the end of the college draft.
    3. Keyboard shortcuts displayed during play selection.
    4. Grade ratings for defensive plays balanced.
    5. Weekly limit in Team Expenses raised from $5,000,000 to $50,000,000.
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    Re: Official Patch: Version 9.530

    Thanks for the update. Can you please also increase the limit on cash from 1,000,000,000 to 100,000,000,000. Eventually around the 2 billion mark your cash turns into negative cash. This limits the amount of seasons you can play.

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    Re: Official Patch: Version 9.530

    Thanks for the update!

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